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Voodoo Magic Separating The Facts From The Myth

by Powerful Spells Of Magic
Voodoo Magic

So you have heard about all those scary things about voodoo magic, and you have decided to search the internet to see if all these things are true? Congratulations for landing on this page because most of the things you have already heard about astrologyvoodoo magic, voodoo symbols, and voodoo rituals and spells are about to be clarified.

Do you want to learn more about voodoo magic? Then you have come to the right place. Learn the history of the voodoo religion and obtain facts about voodoo. We separate myth from fact and provide information about the reasons why voodoo is such a misunderstood religion. Hold your own in discussions about voodoo loa.

However, before I give you facts about voodoo, I will give you a brief history of these religions and tell you the reasons why it has become one of the most misunderstood religions in the world. I hope that by the end of this article, you will be able to hold your own at a conversation when people discuss the topic of what is voodoo magic.

Defining voodoo magic

Most of the things we already know about voodoo magic have to do with the portrayal that the religion is given by Hollywood films and other such mass media. Let me start by saying that this portrayal of African voodoo, Ghana voodoo, or other voodoo religion facts is in the main not very accurate.

Most of the Voodoo Magic definitions we are accustomed to showing the religion as being dark and mysterious and deserving of being feared. They revolve around sacrificing animals, casting spells to harm others, and using dolls for individuals to get their way. However, when you open yourself up and seek the truth about the religion, you will start to realize that all these depictions are not accurate.

The real voodoo Magic can be separated into three major types, with each one being influenced by the place where it is practiced. The first type can be found in West Africa where estimates indicate that it is practiced by close to 30 million people. This is where you are likely to find Ghana voodoo.

Another brand of voodoo that has become popular is the Haitian voodoo which makes use of Haitian voodoo spells and Haitian voodoo symbols. Apart from being influenced by Haiti religion and culture, this voodoo now has a substantial Christianity in Haiti element. African voodoo rituals are still a big element of this practice.

You will also hear about the Louisiana voodoo magic; a unique type which is practiced in Louisiana and other parts of south-eastern America. This kind of voodoo has now been influenced by practices brought in by French and Spanish settlers. This is also influenced by Santera, which refers to priests in the Santeria religion which is associated with Spain.

Both the Haitian voodoo and the Louisiana voodoo rely on spirits known as voodoo loa which is sometimes spelt lwa.

How old is voodoo?

We all know that the voodoo religion has its roots in the African continent, but many of us still ask, when did voodoo start. No one really seems to have a specific answer as to how old voodoo is. For me, this could be an indication that it is possibly as old as humankind. However, it is clear that the religions made it to the other parts of the world, including the Americas and the Caribbean, during the 17th century as slaves carried it from Africa to other parts of the world.

And then Vodou?

There is often confusion regarding the difference between voodoo and vodou and I thought that I must take some time to deal with the vodun definition and Vodou rituals.

In actual fact, the term vodun, Vodou, and voodoo mean the same thing. All the words mean the same thing as the term voodoo. Even though the voodoo religion is practiced in different ways as people move into the diaspora from the place where the religion was originally practiced, the practices still have common elements.vodou magic

Of course, explaining the voodoo religion usually ends up getting you drawing parallels with Christianity. When you look at the voodoo religion from a distance, it looks like a religion that is far from Christianity. However, a closer look when dealing with how to practice voodoo at home will start to show that there are many parallels as a number of Christian practices have been included when teaching people how to do voodoo.

For example, when doing voodoo rituals for money, it is easy to see that the spirits play a central part in such rituals. Many of the important figures in the voodoo religion also have some counterparts in the Christian religion.

The healing religion ( Voodoo Magic )

I am sure that by now you know that most of the things we see on television depicting voodoo as an evil religion are actually distortions that are far from the truth. This is a life-affirming religion. It inspires those who participate in it to be better versions of themselves through an understanding of life’s natural processes together with their own spiritual being.

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